Scott Wixon


“All kinds of abstract elements crowd Mr. Wixon’s modestly sized canvases. Puzzling together biomorphic, expressionistic, geological, spacey and funky forms in confectionery colors, he creates dense jazzy improvisations of infectiously playful freedom.”

—Ken Johnson, The New York Times

“Inspired by nature, Wixon’s lively paintings and drawings contain abstract and recognizable imagery. Wixon paints specific, exotic locales arrived at intuitively, and in some cases from National Geographic. I have followed Scott’s work for many years and have continued to be impressed by its surprising freshness and vitality. A vigorous line and complex patterning gives Wixon’s work a sense of energy suggesting nature’s creative pulse. He has developed his own vision that combines exotic imagery, lively design and intriguing color.”

—Michele Rowe-Shields, Executive Director of the Evanston Art Center

“Scott Wixon likes colors quite as astounding and full of impact as the color field painters of the 1960’s, but he puts them into amorphous and undulating shapes that are totally disarming.”